Before this showroom housed a fleet of fancy cars, it was a very busy produce store that saw plenty of action. The concrete had really copped a hiding from constant forklift traffic and pallets being pushed around the floor, and it was our job to transform the 240 square metre lot to a durable, easy to clean and nice to look at showroom floor.

A good deal of repair work was required to rectify the score marks, gouges and spalling; we began with an extensive mechanical grind to level out the substrate, before filling all pools and crevices with a fast-fix resin repair. An application of Spartacote High Build self-levelling epoxy followed, to ensure the entire surface was flush, and a large marble flake was applied in the Polyaspartic Pure system.

The entire project was completed over a five day period, ensuring that the disruption to the business was kept to an absolute minimum.

Team Green FloorsAll business owners know that time is money: when you’re comparing costs for your next commercial floor, make sure you factor in the downtime differences – a slightly higher investment in your floor coating option may save you much more in productivity losses!

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