When a garage adjoins a house (as they most often do), one of the most common complaints we hear is the issue of dirt and dust tracking from the garage in to the living areas.

This was certainly a concern for these home owners, and they were eager to find a solution. They needed an easy to clean product that would have good chemical and stain resistance, and handle a high level of impact and wear. Most importantly, however, was the need for a system that would not affect chemically sensitive family members.

Team Green Floors offered a solution which ticked all the boxes, and had this high traffic area back in action in less than 48 hours.

Team Green Floor

The existing floor was heavily stained and cracked, so we began our process with an intensive mechanical grind, general filling and repairing of hairline cracks. The following day, a Spartacote Pure (95% solids), very low VOC (almost odourless) seamless chip system was applied, and the clients were thrilled with the end result. They were left with an easy to clean, highly durable, non-yellowing floor, without any of the headaches that accompany high VOC applications.

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