Team Green FloorsThe standard two car garage of this stunning newly built home was the ‘rough’ in the diamond – before it got the Team Green treatment, that is!

The slab was in very poor condition, and extensive cracking and spalling across the concrete was a bit of an eyesore in an otherwise perfect home.

As always, we began the process with an initial grind, and chased out all cracks and joints with a v-blade. These were then resin filled with a fast fix formula that has incredible setting time (five minutes). Filler was then ground flush, and two top coats of a solid colour system were applied.

Team Green Floors

This high performance system is designed to provide a durable floor coating with minimal maintenance and a rapid return to service. Builders certainly appreciate the fast turnaround, as they use the garage as a storage area to the very end of the project and get our Team in just before handover. With trade qualified painters on board, we’re then able to touch up skirting boards and walls if and where required, ensuring the garage is well and truly ‘spit and polished’ before we leave.

If you’re looking for an economical solution for your new project (with a super fast turnaround), contact us today.