A mad-keen basketball boy was getting pretty frustrated by the dips (and trips) in this worn out outdoor slab.

In just two days, we were able to transform this tired carport slab in to a free-throw practice paradise for the teenager and his mates.

We began by grinding the slab and fixing the major cracks and dents. When the surface was stable and level, we applied a two tone flake finish and the all-important key line, and the hoop was in action the very next morning!

The coating has been down for over two years now. Despite copping full sun and weather exposure and being the thoroughfare for the owner’s four wheel drive and trailer, it’s still in ship-shape condition. A quick pressure clean every few months brightens up the flake (removing any ingrained dirt and dust), and the ball is still bouncing there every single day!

Do you have an outdoor area that needs ‘rebounding’? Contact us today and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.